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GCHS Womens Lacrosse Alumni Association
The mission of the GCWLAF is to bring support to the Garden City High School Girl's Lacrosse team through camaraderie from fellow alumni and community supporters of the program. The foundation will raise funds through sales and sponsored events for equipment, lacrosse trips, and other team needs as they arise.
LI Senior Girls Youth Lacrosse League
Long Island Senior Girls Youth Lacrosse League
Nassau County Police Activity (P.A.L.) Lacrosse League

SUNY Youth Sport
Valuable resource for coaches and parents alike.
The GoalieMan
This site hosts "TheGoalieman" (www.thegoalieman.com) and "Lacrosse Goaltending" (www.laxgoaltending) in honor of the new book, Lacrosse Goaltending II, 2008 by Jon Weston. The whole site is focused at field lacrosse goaltending with a player's corner and coach's corner and improved products and ordering. Let me know via email about your suggestions and comments on goaltending or the site. Jon Weston, The Goalieman

Lacrosse Magazine is the flagship publication of US Lacrosse. LM has the distinction as the first feature magazine dedicated to the fastest game on two feet, and is the most widely-read lacrosse publication in the world.

US Lacrosse provides a leadership role in virtually every aspect of the game throughout the United States, and offers a number of programs and information services to its national membership and more than one million lacrosse enthusiasts throughout the country.