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GCRGLC Uniform Policy

Dress Code: GCRGLC adheres to the US Lacrosse uniform standards policy. Players are required to wear GCRGLC's designated uniform during each and every lacrosse event under the direction of GCRGLC. Team uniforms are not to be used for non-sanction GCRGLC events.

The uniform will consist of the approved team jersey (reversible maroon and white); and black skort. All visible undergarments (tights; legging, compression shorts that extend below the skort, undershirts, long sleeve shirts) must be black.

Enforcement of rule: Game referees have been directed to delay the start of the game until all players are in proper uniform. Players who are not wearing the team designated visible undergarment color
will be directed to remove the illegal clothing regardless of the weather temperature. For example, during the beginning of the season when it is cold outside a GC player during the stick check is observed with a long sleeve top or leggings other than black (blue is not black) the referee will instruct the player to remove the garment prior to the start of play.

Uniforms - US Lacrosse Rules 2017

Section 11. Players must wear composition or rubber soled shoes. No spikes are allowed. Plastic, leather, or rubber cleats-studs may be worn. Shoes and socks are not required to be identical for team members.
Uniform Shirts and Kilts/Shorts
Section 12. All team members shall be dressed uniformly with the exception of the goalkeeper. Field players must wear jerseys that are a single, solid color and kilts/ shorts/pants of the same dominant color. The jerseys do not need to be the same color as the kilts/shorts/pants worn by the team (i.e. light colored jerseys may be worn with light or dark kilts/shorts/pants; dark colored jerseys may be worn with light or dark kilts/shorts/pants). A goalkeeper's colors must be of the same corresponding colors as her teammates. Her jersey must be of the same color as her team; the bottom must be in agreement with the team’s predominant color or black or gray. The goalkeeper’s jersey must be worn over any chest and shoulder protective equipment.
Uniform trim is permitted on the collar, cuffs and waistband that may be of contrasting colors, but not more than 1 inch wide. Side inserts (armpit to waistband) may be of contrasting, multiple colors, but not more than 3 inches wide.
Visible Undergarments
Section 15. All visible undergarments worn under the kilts/shorts/shirts must be of one solid color, and must be white, gray, black or one of that team's uniform colors. All team members who choose to wear visible undergarments must wear the same color. This does not apply to medical sleeves