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~ HONOR THE GAME Lacrosse should be fun for players, coaches and parents. Garden City Rams Girl’s Lacrosse Club believes that girls should develop skills and a love for the game of lacrosse while also learning the value of sportsmanship and teamwork. Coaches are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that adheres to the following Mission Statement:
 The Garden City Rams Girls Lacrosse Club’s mission is to promote the rich tradition of girls’ lacrosse through a positive, fun environment of continuous athletic development, teamwork and sportsmanship while developing each player’s character, skill and love of the game.
GCRGLC Guiding Principles

  1. A coach is a role model for the players & must encourage good sportsmanship by demonstrating positive support & respect for all players, coaches, fans, parents & the officials.
  2. Coaches must reinforce the self-image of each player & should create a positive and constructive environment for the players and the team.
  3. Place the well-being & safety of the players before any desire to win.
  4. Respect, know, and teach the game of girl’s lacrosse and the rules.
  5. Establish & communicate individual & team goals.
  6. Emphasize the FUN of the game and the team - focusing on effort and improvement vs wins and losses.  
  7. Coaches, players & teams should be modest in victory and gracious in defeat.
  8. Follow the direction/instruction of the coaches committee, grade coordinators & the GCRGLC Board of Directors.

Any conduct, including but not limited to, hitting a player, abusive language and/or gestures, fighting, excessive yelling at players, fans, officials or other coaches, racially insensitive or offensive remarks, inappropriate touching or any other conduct that reflects poorly on yourself or GCRGLC is deemed to be unacceptable behavior.  Coaches are a representative of the GCRGLC and the community and should act appropriately.  All coaches and volunteers are appointed at the sole discretion of the GCRGLC Board of Directors and conduct unbecoming of the GCRGLC mission can face discipline up to and including suspension or expulsion from coaching.  As a coach, I promise to abide by the Coaches Code of Conduct and act in a manner that is consistent with the Mission of the Garden City Rams Girl’s Lacrosse Club.